The Finest Ingredients Toyama Has to Offer, Prepared by a True Artisan.

The Tateyama Mountain Range looks over the Sea of Japan, and includes Mount Tsurugi among its peaks. The area is known for its many springs offering water so outstanding that people visit from other prefectures just for it. It is no coincidence that the rice, vegetables, and meat this water nourishes are outstanding. Incredibly, just half an hour's drive away, one can find Toyama Bay, known for its unbelievable variety of delicious seafood. The town of Kamiichi is truly blessed with the best of both land and sea, making it the perfect place to enjoy all of the seasonal flavors that Toyama has to offer.

Our Chef Mineyama's all-handmade cuisine has earned him recognition from the governor of Toyama as a Food Artisan. Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you're sure to have an unforgettable meal of seasonal delights.

We select the choicest of seasonal ingredients and prepare them to bring out the best of their natural flavors, serving each and every item in the perfect dish to best show its beauty.
At Tsurugi Koizuki, our cuisine is just as much a feast for the eyes as for the mouth.

Enjoy our breakfast buffet, offering a variety of Japanese-style items, each and every one of which is lovingly made by hand.

Certifications and Awards

Certifications and Awards

Selected for the Hotel and Ryokan Cuisine Division of the Ryoko Shimbun's Professionals' Selections
Chairperson's Commendation at the 2012 Toyama Prefectural Food Hygiene Competition
Toyama City Mayor's Commendation
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