The Inn Where You Can Be Your Best Self.

Sometimes you want to eat good food. Sometimes you want to have a fun day off. Sometimes you want to see beautiful scenery. Sometimes you want to feel special.
“Sometimes” means an escape from the everyday. And sometimes you just want to relax both body and soul.

A hideaway with hospitality that's neither too intrusive nor too distant — connecting with guests, yet without fussiness, allowing you to truly enjoy yourself. This is the type of hospitality that we pride ourselves on at Tsurugi Koizuki.
We find it marvelous: when people are satisfied, they find room in their hearts. Their horizons broaden; they become more attentive to details; they become kinder toward others. When this happens, their friends and family become kinder to them in turn. Kindness begets kindness, spreading one person at a time.
Tsurugi Koizuki is the inn where you can be your best self. For every visit, for every time of year, for every anniversary.

Our beautiful hot spring baths soothe both the mind and body, leaving guests with silky smooth skin, and our guest rooms with private open-air baths make an unforgettable way to leave the everyday behind. Experience a taste of truly special luxury at an affordable price.
The breathtaking natural beauty of Toyama has stirred the hearts of poets for centuries. Mount Tsurugi looks over the town of Kamiichi, as elegant and beautiful a part of the scenery as the moon. We took inspiration from the stunning beauty of the area to create a sophisticated hideaway where guests can relax and truly enjoy themselves.

Tsurugi Koizuki is located in Kamiichi, Toyama, near both the magnificent mountains, and the beautiful Toyama Bay, famous for its mirages. Kamiichi is also home to particularly excellent water sources, even compared to the incredibly pure water that has earned Toyama as a whole the nickname “the kingdom of water.”
For our unending devotion to proper treatment of the pure water and natural bounty that nourishes us in our exceptional food, our chef has earned recognition from the governor of Toyama as a Food Artisan. We invite you to enjoy a meal here and experience his exceptional cuisine yourself.
Enjoy an exquisite day off, surrounded by the majesty of nature. With easy access to both Mount Tateyama and Kurobe, as well as Takayama, Kanazawa, and Noto, Tsurugi Koizuki makes the perfect base to explore the incredible beauty of the Hokuriku region.

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