For a Day You'll Never Forget.

Whether celebrating someone's lifelong accomplishments or just a birthday, our banquet halls make the perfect venue for anniversaries, work or social parties, Buddhist memorial services, or any other important occasion.

"Kurobe" Convention Hall

[Size: 224.6m2 / Seating capacity: 80 people]

We're Ready to Host Your Next Meeting or Training Session.

Our spacious meeting and training rooms are the perfect place to hold your company or organization's meetings and training sessions.

"Tsurugi" Large Banquet Hall

This bright and spacious tatami-floored room is large enough to hold 96 people, ideal for even large gatherings or work parties.
[Size: 95 tatami mats (approx. 173m2) / Seating capacity: 95 people]

"Shomyo" Medium Banquet Hall

[Size: 60 tatami mats (approx. 110m2) / Seating capacity: 26 people]

"Arimine" Meeting Room

A meeting room with room to spare. With seating for up to 40 people, this versatile room is ideal for meetings, training sessions, and other gatherings.
[Size: 138.1m2 / Seating capacity: 40people]

"Hayatsuki" Meeting Room

[Size: 63.4m2 / Seating capacity: 20people]

On-site Facilities for a Memorable Time.


Our restaurant offers a spacious, airy atmosphere where overnight guests can enjoy their meals, as well as a lunch, dinner, or teatime destination for daytime visitors.

Gift Shop

Nighttime Lounge

Karaoke Room

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