Hot Spring Baths

Relax with a Spectacular View of Mount Tsurugi, Just for You.

Etchu Tsurugi Onsen is a natural hot spring known for its constant flow of distinctively dark brown water with a hint of slickness, for a delightfully unique feel. Enjoy our reclined baths, our medicinal bath, and more, sure to warm body to the core and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Both our baths and our guest rooms offer views of the magnificent Mount Tsurugi, for scenery that is anything but ordinary.

Hot Spring Water Components and Effects

Offers a unique moisturizing sensation after bathing, for beautifully smooth skin.
Water Quality
Alkaline simple hot spring
Helps soothe neuralgia pain, sore muscles, joint pain, fatigue, and more.

Large Bath

Our largest bath positively brims with Etchu Tsurugi Onsen's famously dark brown spring water.

Reclined Baths

Lie down, stretch out your arms and legs, and relax in these baths equipped with massaging jets.

Medicinal Bath

Warm yourself to the core and wash away the fatigue of everyday life.


Cold Bath

Hot Water Streams

Private Bath

Reserve some time in our private bath for the perfect opportunity to relax with just friends or family.

Daytime Hot Spring Visits

Our baths are open to the public during the day. Feel free to visit our hot spring baths even if you aren't an overnight guest.

(We ask that daytime visitors be sure to bring their own towels.)

Bath Hours for Daytime Visitors
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Rest Area
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